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Formerly known as the Island of Jung Ceylon on the South Western tip of Thailand, lies Phuket with a total landmass of 543.00 sq. kilometers - about the same size as Singapore. Phuket is characterized by its lovely beaches, lush emerald green mountain ranges, coconut groves, rubber plantations, quaint villages, and best of all the open friendliness of the Thai people.

Running North to South, the island measures about 48 kilometers in length and East to West about 21 kms in width. Mountain ranges extend from north to south and comprise 70 percent of the island. The highest point is Mai Tha 12, or Twelve Canes, at 529 meters, which lies between Patong in the west and Kathu in the east - in the vicinity of Phuket Town.

The population of Phuket is approx. 300,000 - but this is based on a census conducted in 2000 and does not take in to account seasonal workers or the number of tourist who are visiting at any one time.

Ethnic Mix:

  • Thai (65%)
  • Thai - Chinese (25%)
  • Thai - Malay (5%)
  • Indian and Arabic (3%)
  • Western (1%)
  • Other (1%)

The main religion is Buddhist approx. 70 % and Muslim accounting for 25% of the population with 5% classed as other.

Getting orientated is a necessity to have any idea about where you want to live. The old adage : Location, Location Location - holds true here too. Most people who arrive here for the first time will probably stay in a hotel somewhere on the west coast. Popular areas include: In the north, Cherngtalay, Bang Tao and Surin Beach; In the middle, Kamala and Patong; and in the South, Karon, Kata and Rawai.

Traditionally property buyers were restricted to expensive property developments: in Kamala - like Ayara or Leam Son Villas, in Kata - like Katamanda and in Cherngtalay - like Laguna Property and Banyan Tree Villas.

Over the years, many new hotels and resorts have spawned and there's much more middle and lower end budget accommodation available. Similarly in the property market you can find a good selection of mainstream and budget villas and apartments.

Today, the main areas attracting the lions share of foreign and local investment are in the northern parts of the island - particularly Layan / Cherngtalay / Surin and Kamala Beaches. Much is attributed to the supply of land, good hotels, the airport, golf courses, water, and by an large - the ability of these areas to absorb the new development.

Farther south, property development has been markedly more informal. Typically characterized by stand alone or one off housing projects - (such as 3 to 5 homes, shop-houses and town homes in smallish estates) mainly catering to local expats and the like. You can find these trends in places like Patong, Chalong, Rawai and to a lesser extent Karon or Kata. That said - there are however some very successful estate developments in these areas notably: Villa Santi - Patong, Phuket L'Ochidee - Patong, Movenpick Apartments - Karon, Kata Gardens - Kata, Mom Tri Grand Cru Villas - Kata, The Heights - Kata, Katamanda - Kata, Rawai Villas - Rawai, Mangosteen Villas - Rawai and Rawana - Rawai to name but a few.

Much of the restriction for the bulk of the property developers in the South (and the reduced attractiveness for international buyers) are land-parcel size, which enable bigger projects, the relative cost, infrastructure, zoning and road access.

To help you find your way around - we have divided the island into five geographic areas. These comprise: the Northwest (Platinum Coast) / Southwest (Tourist Belt) / Northeast (Emerging East) / Southeast (Chalong Bay) and Phuket Town. Click through the area information below for a better perspective on what each area has to offer.

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